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As a founding member of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since 1989 and a subsidiary of MCB Capital Markets, MCB Stockbrokers has evolved over the past decades to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to help our clients in achieving their investment goals.

A comprehensive suite of services

TRADING ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE OF MAURITIUS (SEM) AND TRACKING YOUR PORTFOLIO ONLINE: We provide seamless execution and settlement of your trades in stocks, bonds, ETFs and other securities listed on the SEM. Our free online portfolio valuation service allows you to track your portfolio on a daily basis through the MCB Internet Banking platform.
TRADING ON GLOBAL EXCHANGES FROM MAURITIUS: Our global execution service allows you to seamlessly trade in almost any securities listed across the major stock exchanges, including all developed stock markets such as the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and most emerging and frontier markets, including selected African exchanges.
INVESTMENT PRODUCTS: We are the principal distributor of a wide range of exclusive investment products including capital-protected notes, corporate bonds, credit-linked notes, MCB range of fixed income and equity funds, the MCB Education Plan and the MCB Unit Trust Retirement Plan.
REGULAR SAVINGS PLAN: Our flexible and affordable monthly escalated investment plan allows our clients to adopt a disciplined approach to investments and build, over time, a diversified portfolio of securities tailored to their financial capacity.
MARKET MAKING: With a view to providing liquidity at all times to investors, we act as Market Maker on selected ETFs and structured products listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius by quoting real-time bids and offers on the SEM platform.
SPONSORING BROKER AND UNDERWRITING CAPABILITIES: Aimed at listed issuers and companies considering an IPO or rights issues, our sponsoring broker services and underwriting capabilities allow us to guarantee the successful listing and capital raising of our institutional clients, particularly when large amounts are at stake.

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